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The company is engaged in developing unique products in Greece and Internationally.

Our R&D department is based on our autologous mechanisms to detect and target specific cells that are responsible for cellular repair. Driving the biostimulants to the core of the targeted cells create the proper environment for cellular regeneration. Our regeneration methods stimulate the human cells to produce new young ones, new tissues

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Rite-Aid lab identify and characterize the microenvironment – microbiome, where stem cell populations reorganize their behavior in vivo. Our methods stimulate in vivo cell regeneration and promote their functions.

Smaller molecules called peptides and prebiotics, also are used, which may even target single lines of cells stimulating their reproduction increasing their number and / or their metabolic activity.

Today botulinum toxin type A has become the number one cosmetic treatment approved for rhytides. This paradigm drives us into non invasive  but amazing effects of natural therapies, with or not the use of light energy devices and products.

Personalized Cosmetic Chirurgy.

Alternatively, it is possible to synthesize those kind of molecules or at least their active part to target some cells in order to replicate themselves, increasing their number, or stimulating them to increase their activity. Quantum EnergyRepairing what is damaged due to exogenous or endogenous factors, the human body is stimulated to produce new cells, new tissues and new organs (Haseltine, 2003) and the embryonic stem cells which are in dormancy in every cell are directly involved in this repairing process.

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At Rite Aid, we’re fully committed to offering our clients the best products and consumer service. We can provide high-quality products with a fast delivery turnaround. We’ve many years of experience sourcing the best quality products.

Provide original products at affordable prices, our goal is to maintain your skin happy and healthy.

From young, teenage skin to extra mature or touchy skin, our effective products will assist look after the skin’s wellbeing.

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If you have sensitive skin and worry about selecting a beauty product for your skin, our products will assure you that your skin remains safe.

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Our well-experienced team will provide you with excellent customer service daily. Anytime you require product samples and support, we always here for you

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We provide quality products that are our priority. Our high-quality products can assist improve the dullness and give your skin a natural glow.

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